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Promised Seed Ministries
Stacy & Pamla Wood

Sigler Ministries
Gary & Carol Sigler
The Pathfinder
Elwin & Margit Roach
The House of the Lord
Bob & Charlotte Torango
Not I but Christ Ministries
Charles Weller
New Covenant Ministry
Des Walter
Gospel of the Kingdom
Bill & Elaine Cook
J. Preston Eby

God's Kingdom Ministries
Stephen E. Jones

Brian Hennessy

Are you a minister who is interested in joining this site?  If so, please contact Gary Sigler.
Please note that the Webservant will NOT do a couple of "teaser" tapes to get visitors to order your materials.  We believe and practice "freely we receive, freely we give".  There is nothing wrong with charging fixed fees and covering the cost, but ministries here are quite serious about "absolutely no charge".
The number of tapes and articles available here from any one ministry depends on the server space available.  We solely depend on God's provision to expand the size of the server.  Thank you for your understanding.

A Word from the Webservant:

Welcome to His Remnant home page.  
Remnant--a small surviving group.  By definition, "remnant" cannot be the majority.  This site is dedicated to bring together God's remnant scattered and hidden in caves.

All the ministers listed here have nothing to sell.  They do not put a price on what they have been given by God to share.  Please be sensitive to their expenses of making their teachings available to everybody.  Not only do they put their tapes and articles up on the web for free, they also send them out without fixed pricing.  

In the future, I would like to make credit card donations possible for your convenience (yes, it is safer than giving your card to a waiter at a restaurant).  For the time being, please send your offerings to each ministry.  Their addresses are on their pages.  Your contribution to maintain and expand this site will be greatly appreciated as well.

There is a brief description on how to hook up a tape deck to record the Real Audio messages on this site.  Please follow the link from the right hand menu.  If you have any suggestions or questions about technical stuff, about this site, donation information, or anything else, please write to me.  Until then, I will remain anonymous and silent to do the back stage work.

May God richly bless your journey!

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